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woo...Happy to be here :-) I'll fill out the thingy now.

Name: TJ Eady
Location: Birmingham, al
Age: 20. Be 21 though soon :-)
Instrument of choice: Guitar, Bass, Tuba.
Years playing it: 7. I still suck extremely bad though
Influences: I really don't have a damn clue. Mr. Thal, of course, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag, SRV, Django, Earl Klugh, Jim Hall, Iommy, Mr. Bungle(can never remember the guitar players name) Fredrik Thordendal, and the list goes on and on and on.
Bumblefan since: Hell if I remember, I listened to him a few years ago. Forgot about him, heard about him again last year, downloaded a few songs, they stayed on my computer until I was cleaning my computer out one day, ran across them, and loved it ever since. I know thats way more than this question requires, but what the hell
Favorite Bumbletune: well since I haven't picked up his CD yet, and only have a few of his songs. I'm going to say Fly in the batter/what I knew/T-jonez and all the other ones I've heard
How did you learn of the Thalinator? I think petrucciforum? I'm really not sure
Other favorites: Mr. Bungle, John Zorn, Trevor Dunn's trio, Meshuggah, Black Label Society, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Ween, Anthrax, Jason Mraz, Ani Difranco, Za' weay, Richard Cheese, Pat Boone, Meliss Etheridge, Early klugh, jim hall, Benny Goodman. I think i like to many people
HOW'D YOU HEAR ABOUT THE COMMUNITY(LORI IS DYING to know! =): Actually, it's quite the interesting story. I typed bumblefoot into the search box. Sorry if you wet yourself, it's that good of a story.

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